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Date: 3/14/2017
Author: Faith Tshabalala

Hoerskool Montana is a quintile 5 school situated in the Northern suburbs of Pretoria. The learner enrolment is 1587. Of the 1587 enrolled learners 1398 are Afrikaans learners while 189 are English learners. Hoerskool Montana did a turnaround since 2014. The school is from an average to a good social economic status society. About 70% of parents pay the full school fees per annum
The school is challenged by overcrowding i.e. shortage of classrooms; restricted extra mural activities; social media.
  The school requested the External Whole School Evaluation team to help them identify the challenges with the inputs of all the stakeholders. Policies were put in place ensuring that everybody’s role and time frames were clear.    They all agreed that discipline was the foundation for academic success. They protected contact time i.e. time wasting activities were minimised.
The school instilled positive self-esteem in learners. They encouraged punctuality; took action against absenteeism; ensured that academic programme starts on the first day of school. They considered all teachers from Grade 8 to Grade 12 equally important; teachers were encouraged to be well prepared at all times; they are monitored by the SMT. Teachers were also motivated to get to know the learners outside the classroom as well.
SMT members implement all policies, provide a year plan and make sure the teachers adhere to it. The team believes that control is the most important key to success.. They encourage change of attitude / habits. They set goals for themselves and stick to them. They are not afraid of failure.  They ask for help or get a mentor where necessary.   They ensure that there is adequate budget for the academic needs as well as extra-mural activities. They have also made it their responsibility to ensure that they are always present and visible.  They know their teachers as well as the learners
The school governing body members know their roles and boundaries. They give support for teachers, learners and parents. They are aware that are they are not allowed to interfere with the management of the school. Parents are involved in the implementation of the code of conduct and school rules.
2004 Matric Results
Ø  NSC Pass rate:             99,1%
Ø  Distinctions 38  
Ø  Bachelors: 31.86%
Ø  1 x candidate with 5 distinctions and another one got 4 
Ø  The rest of the  school Pass rate: 92,2%
2011 Matric Results
Ø  NSC Pass rate : 98,9%
Ø  Distinctions 72%
Ø  Bachelors: 66,3%
Ø  1 learner got 8 distinctions,
Ø  2 learners got 7 distinctions      
Ø  2 learners got 6 distinctions
Ø  The rest of the school  95,2% pass rate
2016 Matric Results
Ø  NCS Pass rate: 100%
Ø  346 Distinctions           
Ø  233 candidates got bachelors i.e. 73,8%  
Ø  Top 10 averaged 87,28%, 
Ø  21 got an average of more than 80% and 72             more above 70%
Ø  6  learners  obtained 7 A’s,
Ø  5 learners obtained 6 A’s
Ø  10 learners obtained 5 A’s
Ø  Maths average              55,35%  - 12 x A’s        
Ø  Physical Sciences        57% - 16 x A’s
Ø  Accounting                  68,7% - 24 x A’s
Ø  FAL                              69,3% - 41 x A’s
Ø  Life Sciences               62,9% - 21 x A’s
Ø  Rest of the school Pass rate: 99,24% (1566/1578)
For a full presentation contact Ms Faith Tshabalala at from The Education Research and Knowledge Management Directorate.


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