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Grade 12 SC Exam Papers - 2012 June [Question Papers]
Accounting Afr HG + Answer Book1520016 KB
Accounting Afr HG Answer Book983138 KB
Accounting Afr SG + Answer Book1244853 KB
Accounting Afr SG Answer Book774887 KB
Accounting Eng HG + Answ Book1453882 KB
Accounting Eng HG Answer Book962618 KB
Accounting Eng SG Answer Book737847 KB
Accounting Eng SG1205550 KB
Add Mathematics Afr HG P11205066 KB
Add Mathematics Eng HG P11171404 KB
Afrikaans L1 HG P12748159 KB
Afrikaans L1 P1 SG2937423 KB
Afrikaans L1 P2 HG2767987 KB
Afrikaans L1 P2 SG2274759 KB
Afrikaans L1 P3 HG966678 KB
Afrikaans L1 P3 SG543335 KB
Agricultural Science Afr P1 HG1160786 KB
Agricultural Science Afr P1 SG1133272 KB
Agricultural Science Afr P2 HG1027103 KB
Agricultural Science Afr P2 SG912896 KB
Agricultural Science Eng P1 HG1095741 KB
Agricultural Science Eng P1 SG1096050 KB
Agricultural Science Eng P2 HG985432 KB
Agricultural Science Eng P2 SG870132 KB
Amended Accounting SG Answer Book758336 KB
Arabic HG P11108148 KB
Arabic HG P21105078 KB
Biblical Studies Afr HG551338 KB
Biblical Studies Afr SG558656 KB
Biblical Studies Eng HG525301 KB
Biblical Studies Eng SG544600 KB
Bioloby Eng P1 SG1179500 KB
Biology Afr HG P21908467 KB
Biology Afr P1 HG1446760 KB
Biology Afr P1 SG1157290 KB
Biology Afr SG P21739885 KB
Biology Eng HG P21841470 KB
Biology Eng P1 HG1381432 KB
Biology P2 SG1714081 KB
Business Economics Afr HG1586390 KB
Business Economics Afr SG2648548 KB
Business Economics Eng HG1501420 KB
Business economics Eng SG2551757 KB
Commercial Maths Afr SG1132398 KB
Commercial Maths Eng SG1113834 KB
Computer Studies BIL HG P13206757 KB
Computer Studies BIL HG P21458603 KB
Computer Studies BIL P21530478 KB
Computer Studies BIL SG P13249564 KB
Computyping BIL SG2687610 KB
Economics Afr HG1832363 KB
Economics Afr SG2546914 KB
Economics Eng HG1768610 KB
Economics Eng SG2567739 KB
English L1 P1 HG1594399 KB
English L1 P1 SG1346709 KB
English L1 P2 HG2027019 KB
English L1 P2 SG1849441 KB
English L1 P3 HG1470833 KB
English L1 P3 SG1367717 KB
English L2 P1 HG2121678 KB
English L2 P1 SG1168578 KB
English L2 P3 HG934752 KB
ENGLISH L2 P3 SG1117963 KB
Functional Maths Afr P1 SG543377 KB
Functional Maths Afr P2 SG991649 KB
Functional Maths Eng P1 SG539791 KB
Functional Maths Eng P2 SG1031834 KB
Functional Physical Science Afr SG1533514 KB
Functional Physical Science Eng SG1478164 KB
Geography Afr HG P1 Annexure2077573 KB
Geography Afr HG P11866900 KB
Geography Afr SG P2713922 KB
Geography Afr SG P1 Annexure2040536 KB
Geography Afr SG P11760619 KB
Geography Eng HG P1 Annexure2093489 KB
Geography Eng HG P11762444 KB
Geography Eng SG P1 Annexure2088852 KB
Geography Eng SG P11645376 KB
Geography Eng SG P2700063 KB
Geography P2 HG744883 KB
History Afr HG P2 Add2580610 KB
History Afr HG P2853943 KB
History Afr P1 HG Addendum2724717 KB
History Afr P1 HG776353 KB
History Afr P1 SG Addendum2316526 KB
History Afr P1 SG767739 KB
History Afr P2 SG Addendum1656846 KB
History Afr P2 SG761643 KB
History Eng HG P2 Add2462152 KB
History Eng HG P2817730 KB
History eng P1 HG Addemdum2557135 KB
History Eng P1 HG754062 KB
History Eng P1 SG Annexure2311998 KB
History Eng P1 SG745951 KB
History Eng P2 SG Addendum1779833 KB
History Eng P2 SG660602 KB
Home Econom ics Afr HG1903429 KB
Home Economics Afr SG1543906 KB
Home Economics Eng HG1766829 KB
Home Economics Eng SG1519956 KB
Hotel and Catering Afr SG1544425 KB
Hotel and Catering Eng SG1491984 KB
Introduction to Crimilology Afr SG506312 KB
Introduction to Criminology Eng SG491483 KB
Introduction to Ethnology Afr SG586975 KB
Introduction to Ethnology Eng SG573482 KB
Isindebele L1 P1 HG1090265 KB
Isindebele L1 P2 HG809534 KB
Isindebele L1 P3 HG789426 KB
Isindebele L2 P1 HG454050 KB
Isindebele L2 P2 HG1157521 KB
Isindebele L2 P3 HG283848 KB
Isixhosa L1 P1 HG1637757 KB
Isixhosa L1 P1 SG952177 KB
Isixhosa L1 P2 HG902725 KB
Isixhosa L1 P2 SG887396 KB
Isixhosa L1 P3 HG1825564 KB
Isixhosa L1 P3 SG1601390 KB
Isixhosa L2 P1 HG1224098 KB
Isixhosa L2 P1 SG1184417 KB
Isixhosa L2 P2 HG1242002 KB
Isixhosa L2 P2 SG1137828 KB
Isixhosa L2 P3 HG1434534 KB
Isixhosa L2 P3 SG1432723 KB
Isizulu L1 P1 HG914809 KB
Isizulu L1 P1 SG1206439 KB
Isizulu L1 P2 HG1005526 KB
Isizulu L1 P2 SG1070821 KB
Isizulu L1 P3 HG1100481 KB
Isizulu L1 P3 SG702065 KB
Isizulu L2 P1 HG1292960 KB
Isizulu L2 P1 SG1056870 KB
Isizulu L2 P2 HG1178927 KB
Isizulu L2 P2 SG1284788 KB
Isizulu L2 P3 HG869199 KB
Isizulu L2 P3 SG664753 KB
Law of Criminal Proc and Evidence Afr SG1448364 KB
Law of Criminal Proc and Evidence Eng SG1358722 KB
Mathematics Afr HG P1821787 KB
Mathematics Afr HG P21113736 KB
Mathematics Afr SG P21004349 KB
Mathematics Afr SG614025 KB
Mathematics Eng HG P1818552 KB
Mathematics Eng HG P21112899 KB
Mathematics Eng SG P1579847 KB
Mathematics Eng SG P21013557 KB
Mercantile Law Afr SG1036268 KB
Mercantile Law Eng SG1002161 KB
Physical Science Afr P1 HG1790960 KB
Physical Science Afr P1 SG1340325 KB
Physical Science Afr P2 HG1592229 KB
Physical Science Afr P2 SG1384793 KB
Physical Science Eng P1 HG1732975 KB
Physical Science Eng P1 SG1256160 KB
Physical Science Eng P2 HG1530279 KB
Physical Science Eng P2 SG1358453 KB
Physiology Afr HG2338406 KB
Physiology Afr SG1464443 KB
Physiology Eng HG2267169 KB
Physiology Eng SG1431300 KB
S A Crimimal Law Afr SG741753 KB
S A Criminal Law SG723497 KB
Sepedi L1 P1 HG930986 KB
Sepedi L1 P1 SG805854 KB
Sepedi L1 P2 HG992415 KB
Sepedi L1 P2 SG734898 KB
Sepedi L1 P3 HG1046183 KB
Sepedi L1 P3 SG1147406 KB
Sesotho L1 HG P21025626 KB
Sesotho L1 P1 HG908952 KB
Sesotho L1 P1 SG889160 KB
Sesotho L1 P2 SG728101 KB
Sesotho L1 P3 HG1050074 KB
Sesotho L1 P3 SG727441 KB
Sesotho L2 P1 HG606581 KB
Sesotho L2 P2 HG898516 KB
Sesotho L2 P3 HG398124 KB
Setswana L1 P1 HG1005744 KB
Setswana L1 P1 SG796427 KB
Setswana L1 P2 HG947422 KB
Setswana L1 P2 SG552691 KB
Setswana L1 P3 HG1494680 KB
Setswana L1 P3 SG1642828 KB
Setswana L2 P1 HG577714 KB
Setswana L2 P2 HG731904 KB
Setswana L2 P3 HG967342 KB
Siswati L! P@ HG1077071 KB
Siswati L1 HG P1948926 KB
Siswati L1 P1 SG1125929 KB
Siswati L1 P2 SG1028195 KB
Siswati L1 P3 HG1723964 KB
Siswati L1 P3 SG544980 KB
Siswati L2 P1 HG798974 KB
Siswati L2 P2 HG929718 KB
Siswati L2 P3 HG516189 KB
Statute Law Afr SG961654 KB
Statute Law Eng SG894758 KB
Technical Drawing BIL HG Diagram1085855 KB
Technical drawing BIL HG P1500142 KB
Technical Drawing BIL HG P2 Diagram sheet1214454 KB
Technical Drawing BIL HG P2640958 KB
Technical Drawing BIL SG P1 Diagram1093735 KB
Technical Drawing BIL SG P1482495 KB
Technical Drawing BIL SG P2 Diagram Sheet1241669 KB
Technical Drawing BIL SG P2511810 KB
Tshivenda L1 P1 HG876945 KB
Thsivenda 2nd P1 HG841597 KB
Tshivenda L1 P1 SG839640 KB
Tshivenda L1 P2 HG714850 KB
Tshivenda L1 P2 SG513606 KB
Tshivenda L1 P3 HG968506 KB
Tshivenda L1 P3 SG604280 KB
Tshivenda L2 P2 HG681933 KB
Tshivenda L2 P3 HG649448 KB
Xitsonga L1 HG P2979885 KB
Xitsonga L1 P1 HG1036931 KB
Xitsonga L1 P1 SG837344 KB
Xitsonga L1 P2 SG885710 KB
Xitsonga L1 P3 HG1514485 KB
Xitsonga L2 P1 HG635415 KB
Xitsonga L2 P2 HG989130 KB
Xitsonga L2 P3 HG883198 KB
Travel and Tourism Afr1816363 KB
Travel and Tourism Eng SG1777824 KB


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