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Grade 12 SC Exam Papers - 2012 June [Possible Answers]
Accounting BIL HG
Accounting BIL SG
Add Maths P1 eng HG
Afrikaans L1 HG P2
Afrikaans L1 P1 HG
Afrikaans L1 P3 HG
Afrikaans L1 P3 SG
Afrikaans L2 HG P1
Afrikaans L2 HG P2
Afrikaans L2 P1 SG
Afrikaans L2 SG P2
Afrikaans SG P2
Biblical Studies Afr HG
Biblical Studies Afr SG
Biblical Studies Eng HG
Biblical Studies eng SG
Comp st Eng P2 HG
Comp St Eng P2 SG
Comp Studies Afr P2 HG
Comp Studies Afr P2 SG
Comp Studies Eng P2 HG
Economics Afr HG
Economics Afr SG
Economics Eng HG
Economics Eng SG
Engish S2 P3 Sg
English Add Lang HG P2
English Add SG P2
English L1 HG P2
English L1 P1 HG
English L1 P1 Sg
English L1 P2 HG
English L1 P3 Sg
English L2 P1 HG
English L2 P1 SG
English L2 P3 HG
Functional Physical science BIL SG
Geographt Afr HG P2
Geography Afr P1 HG
Geography Afr P1 SG
Geography eng P1 HG
Geography Eng P1 SG
Geography Eng P2 HG
Geography SG Afr P2
Histor yAfr HG P1
History Afr SG P1
History Eng P1 HG
History SG Eng P1
Hotelkeeping and Catering Afr SG
Hotelkeeping and Catering Eng SG
Intro to Criminlogy A and E
Isindebele HG P2
Isindebele L1 P1 HG
Isindebele L2 HG P1
Isindebele L2 HG P2
Isindebele L2 HG P3
Isindebele P2 HG
Isixhosa L1 HG P2
Isixhosa L1 P1 HG
Isixhosa L1 P1 SG
Isixhosa L1 SG P2
Isixhosa L2 HG P2
Isixhosa L2 P1 HG
Isixhosa L2 SG P2
Isixhosa P2 SG
Isixhosa P3 HG
Isixhsa P3 SG
Isizulu L1 HG P2
Isizulu L1 P1 HG
Isizulu L1 P1 SG
Isizulu L1 SG P2
Isizulu L2 HG P2
Isizulu L2 P1 HG
Isizulu L2 P1 SG
Isizulu L2 SG P2
Isizulu P2 HG
Isizulu P3 HG
isizulu P3 SG
Maths Afr P1 HG
Maths Afr P2 SG
Physical Science BIL HG P2
Physical Science BIL P1 HG
Physical Science BIL P2 SG
Physical Science BIL SG P1
Physiology Afr HG
Physiology Afr SG
Physiology Eng SG
Pysiology Eng HG
Sepedi L1 HG P2
Sepedi L1 P1 SG
Sepedi L1 P3 Hg
Sepedi L1 P3 SG
Sepedi L1 SG P2
Sepedi L2 HG P2
Sepedi L2 SG P2
Sepedi P1 HG
Sepedi P2 HG signed off 1
Sepedi P2 HG Signed off
Sepedi P3 SG
Sesotho L1 P1 HG
Sesotho L1 P1 SG
Sesotho L1 P3 Sg
Sesotho L1 SG P2
Sesotho L2 HG P3
Sesotho P3 HG
Seswana L1 P3 HG
Seswana L1 P3 SG
Setswana L1 P1 HG
Setswana L1 P1 SG
Setswana L2 HG P3
Siswati L1 HG P2
Siswati L2 HG P3
Siswati P1 HG
Siswati P3 HG
Technical draw BIL P1 HG
Technical draw BIL P1 SG
Technical draw Bil P2 HG
Technical Draw BIL P2 SG
Travel and Tourism Eng Sg
Travel and Tourism Afr SG
Tshivenda L1 HG P2
Tshivenda L1 P1 HG
Tshivenda L1 P1 SG
Tshivenda L1 SG P2
Tshivenda L2 HG P2
Tshivenda L2 P1 HG
Tshivenda L2 P3 HG
Tshivenda P3 HG
Xitsonga HG P3
Xitsonga L1 P1 HG
Xitsonga L1 P1 SG
Xitsonga L2 HG P3
Xitsonga L2 SG P2
Xitsonga P3 SG


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