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Grade 12 NSC Exam Papers - 2013 Final [Question Papers]
Accounting Afr + Answ Book 10710A
Accounting Afr A3 Answer Book
Accounting Eng + Anw Book 10710E
Accounting Eng A3 Answer Book
Afrikaans FAL P1
Afrikaans FAL P2
Afrikaans FAL P3
Afrikaans HL P1 10011
Afrikaans HL P2 10012
Afrikaans HL P3 10013
Afrikaans SAL P1 10031
Afrikaans SAL P2 10032
Agricultural Man Practises Afr 10630A
Agricultural Man Practises Eng 10630E
Agricultural Sciences Afr P1 10641A
Agricultural Sciences Afr P2 10642A
Agricultural Sciences Eng P1 10641E
Agricultural Sciences Eng P2 10642E
Agricultural Technology Afr 10650A
AgriculturalTechnology Eng
Arabic SAL P2 10342
Arabic SAL P1 10341
Business Studies Afr 1072A
Business Studies Eng 10720E
CAT BIL P1 10811
CAT BIL P2 10812
CAT Optional Speed Test 1081X
CAT P1 Info sheet Yellow re-write
CAT P1 Info Sheet Yellow
CAT P1 Re-write BIL 10811
Civil Technology BIL 10740
Consumer Studies Afr
Consumer Studies Eng
Dance Studie4s Eng 10660A
Dance Studies M English 10660E
Design Afr Theory P1 Colour 10 10670A
Design Eng Theory P1 Colour 10670E
Dramatic Arts Afr
Dramatic Arts Eng
Economics Afr
Economics Eng
Electrical Technology BIL 10750
Engineering Graphics Design BIL A3 P1
Engineering Graphics Design BIL A3 P2
English FAL P1 10051
English FAL P2 10052
English FAL P3 10053
English HL P1 10041
English HL P2 10042
English HL P3
English SAL P1 10061
English SAL P2 10062
Equine Studies 11040E
French SAL P1 + Ans Book BIL 10351
French SAL P1 BIL Answer book 10351
French SAL P2 10352
Geography Afr P1 + Ann 10781A
Geography Afr P1 Annexure10781A
Geography Eng P1 Annexure 10781E
Geography Eng P2 10872E
Geogrpahy Afr P2 10782A
Geogrpahy Eng P1 + Ann 10781E
German SAL + Ans Book BIL P1 10371
German SAL BIL Answer Book P1 10371
German SAL P2 + Answ Book 10372
German SAL P2 Answ Book 10372
Greek SAL P1 11031
Greek SAL P2 11032
Gujarati SAL P1 10401
Gujarati SAL P2 10402
Hebrew SAL P1 10411
Hebrew SAL P2 10412
History Afr P1 + Addendum 10791A
History Afr P1 Addendum 10791A
History Afr P2 + Add 10792A
History Afr P2 Add 10792A
History Eng P1 + Addendum 10791E
History Eng P1 Addendum 10791E
History Eng P2 + Addendum 10792E
History Eng P2 Addendum 10792E
Hospitality Studies Afr 10860A
Hospitality Studies E£ng
Information Techn BIL P1
Information Techn BIL P2
Isindebele FAL P1 10081
Isindebele FAL P2
Isindebele FAL P3 10083
Isindebele HL P1 10071
Isindebele HL P2 10072
Isindebele HL P3 10073
Isixhosa FAL P1
Isixhosa FAL P2
Isixhosa FAL P3 10113
Isixhosa HL P1 10101
Isixhosa HL P2 10102
Isixhosa HL P3 10103
Isizulu FAL P1
Isizulu FAL P2 10142
Isizulu FAL P3 10143
Isizulu HL P2 10132
Isizulu HL P3 10133
Isizulu SAL P1 10151
Isizulu SAL P2 10152
Italian SAL P1 10451
Italian SAL P1 Answer book 10451
Italian SAL P2 10452
Latin SAL P1 BIL 10461
Latin SAL P1 BIL Answer book 10461
Latin SAL P2 10462
Life Sciences Afr P1 10831A
Life Sciences Afr P1 10832A
Life Sciences Eng P1 10831E
Life Sciences Eng P1 10832E
Mathematics Afr P1 10611A
Mathematics Afr P2 10612A
Mathematics Eng P1 10611E
Mathematics Eng P2 10612E
Maths Afr P3 10900A
Maths Eng P3 10900E
Maths Lit Afr P1 10601A
Maths Lit Afr P2 10602A
Maths Lit Eng P1 10601E
Maths Lit Eng P2 10602E
Mechanical Technology BIL
Music Afr P1 10691A
Music Afr P2 10692A
Music Eng P 1 10691E
Music Eng P2 10692E
Physical Sciences Chemistry Afr P2 10842A
Physical Sciences Chemistry Eng P2 10842E
Physical Sciences Physics Eng P1 10841A
Physical Sciences Physics Eng P1 10841E
Portuguese FAL P1
Portuguese FAL P2 10482
Portuguese FAL P3 10483
Portuguese HL P2 10472
Portuguese HL P3
Portuguese SAL P1 10491
Portuguese SAL P2 10492
Poruguese HL P1 10471
Religion Studies Afr P2
Religion Studies Eng P1
Religion Studies Eng P2
Religious Studies Afr P1
Sepedi FAL P1 10171
Sepedi FAL P2 10172
Sepedi FAL P3 10173
Sepedi HL P1
Sepedi HL P2 10162
Sepedi HL P3 10163
Sepedi SAL P1
Sepedi SAL P2 10182
Sesotho FAL P1 10201
Sesotho FAL P2 10202
Sesotho FAL P3 10203
Sesotho HL P1
Sesotho HL P2 10192
Sesotho HL P3 10193
Setswana FAL P2 10231
Setswana FAL P2 10232
Setswana FAL P3 10233
Setswana HL P1
Setswana HL P2 10222
Setswana HL P3 10223
Setswana SAL P1
Setswana SAL P2
Siswati FAL P1 10261
Siswati FAL P2 10262
Siswati FAL P3 10263
Siswati HL P1 10251
Siswati HL P2 10252
Siswati HL P3 10253
Spanish SAL P1 10501
Spanish SAL P2 10502
Sport and Excercise Science Afr P1
Sport and Excercise Science Afr P2
Sport and Exercise Science Eng P1
Sport and Exercise Science Eng P2
Tourism Afr 10870A
Tourism Eng 10870A
Tshivenda FAL P1 10291
Tshivenda FAL P2 10292
Tshivenda FAL P3 10293
Tshivenda HL P1 10281
Tshivenda HL P2 10282
Tshivenda HL P3 10283
Urdu FAL P1 10581
Urdu FAL P2 10582
Urdu FAL P3 10583
Urdu SAL P1 10591
Urdu SAL P2 10592
Visual Arts Afr P1 Colour 10700A
Visual Arts Eng P1 Colour 10700E
Xitsoga HL P3
Xitsonga FAL P1 10321
Xitsonga FAL P2 10322
Xitsonga FAL P3 10323
Xitsonga HL P1
Xitsonga HL P2 10312


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